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Choosing Your Safari

From the cradles of ancient civilizations to the rolling sage brush plains rimmed by towering sandstone mesas, Monument Valley has inspired and nurtured the Navajo’s since their genesis to this continent. Similar to a richly texturized Navajo rug, the threads of native history have been woven together around these cliffs and canyons. We welcome you to experience with us our uniquely diverse culture and embrace the wonders within the Land of Monuments.

Monument Valley abounds with incomparable safari options. Whether you are looking to explore a specific area, celebrate a special occasion or indulge in a particular interest, we offer a myriad of safari choices. Go ahead... start exploring!

Lower Monument Valley

1.5 Hr. Scenic Safari
2.5 Hr. Scenic Safari
3.5 Hr. Scenic & Cultural Safari (rated #1 tour of 2012)

Mystery Valley

3.0 Hr. Scenic Safari
4.0 Hr. Scenic & Cultural Safari (rated #3 tour of 2012)

Hunts Mesa

7.0 Hr. Photographic Safari
18.0 Hr. Photographic Overnight Campout Safari

Combination Safaris

6.0 Hr. Scenic & Cultural (Lower Monument Valley & Mystery Valley) (rated #2 tour of 2012)
6.0 Hr. Scenic & Cultural (Mystery Valley & Tear Drop Arch)

Full Moon & Starlight

3.0 Hr. Photographic Full Moon Safari
3.0 Hr. Photographic Starlight Safari

U.S. Daylight Saving Time Schedule
2013: March 10 - Nov. 3
2014: March 9 - Nov. 2
2015: March 10 - Nov. 3