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Our Vehicles

Like one of our customers so eloquently said,  "If you dream of comfort and authenticity, why not embark on a Monument Valley Safari?"

We pride ourselves in offering the best and most reliable service. One way we do this is through our vehicles.

We conduct tours in two types of vehicles -- Enclosed Suburbans and Open Air Trucks.

Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley Tour, Jeeping

Close up of our Tour Vehicle

Enclosed Suburbans:  These vehicles are somewhat less sporty than jeeps,  however,  they provide superior comfort. No one wants to be stuck in a small wheel base vehicle for hours. Which is why we have switched all our vehicles over to suburbans because they have a wider wheel base to glide over the bumpy terrain. All our vehicles come equipped with Rancho shocks to ensure the ride is as comfy as possible.

Open Airs: These vehicles are designed for your comfort; we have painstakenly tested and modified our vehicles. 

  • 6 inches of foam cushions on all our seats
  • maximum of 12 seats per vehicle