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Monument Valley Safari, has been providing visitors with a truly unique touring experience. We are now going into our fifth year of quality tours. Already we have been rated as one of the best company to take tours with in Monument Valley. The reason to go on our Safari are many, however they all seem to come back to one inseparable idea: our diné people. Our guests have told us countless stories of individuals on our Safari staff who helped make their vacation unforgettable and the secret to our success is in the grass roots of our native guides; all locally raised, our safari escorts are the best trained and season professionals in the business.

Usually it's the little things. Of how their safari director not only knew their birthday, but their interest in photography. Or how their safari guides shared insightful questions of their Navajo Tradition and Lore . Perhaps it was how their driver drove an extra hour to find that elusive location, the one whose prized photo now hangs above the fireplace back home.

At Monument Valley Safari, we don't simply want to respond to a guest's request; we want to anticipate their needs. We want to make them feel a home bound comfort when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away; to take "above and beyond" higher and farther. This is our


commitment, and it can be seen in the actions of our friendly and helpful staff every day, on every adventure.

Each member of our team is dedicated to providing superlative service—from our safari guides to our safari planning specialists, and the Holiday family themselves. And all of us are empowered to make sure that our guests' experience is delightful and especially memorable in every way.

Our people are the reason guests consistently rate us the "Monument Valley’s Best." They are the difference between an average tour …and a Monument Valley Safari tour.