Capturing the personality and characteristics of the American Southwest, Monument Valley is a tourist destination comparable to none on the Southern seaboard. Tucked away on the border between Arizona and Utah, the valley is rich with vibrant color and texture afforded by the mainly sandstone cliffs and butts belying the landscape.

Experience an assault on your visual senses and the wonders of nature as soon as you step into the vast landscape which has been home to Navajo tribes since time immemorial. Part of the Navajo Nation Reservation (home to more than 250,000 people who live in the traditional Navajo way farming and raising sheep and horses while observing cultural practices which have survived thousands of years), Monument Valley or Tse Bii Ndzisgaii is one of earth’s most beautiful places to visit. Monument Valley is part of The Grand Circle which includes the following natural history sites and monuments:

  •  Grand Canyon

  • Mesa Verde

  • Natural Bridges

  • Capitol Reef

  •  Zion National Park

  • Hovenweep National Monuments

When to visit?

Monument Valley is open all year round. Although there are rules governing accessibility since Monument Valley is the home to the Navajo people. Guided tours are available throughout the seasons of the year, with each season bringing out a different personality to the timeless landscape and offering a more in-depth and personal experience.

April and September sees the peaking of the touring season. There is restricted hiking into Monument Valley unless accompanied by a Navajo guide. Taking a guided tour is one of the best ways to enjoy monument valley. You will experience both the cultural and geological beauty of the valley, with a running commentary from your knowledgeable guide.

Monument Valley Safari is a Navajo owned and operated Tour Company. Their guides are born and bred in Monument Valley and are always happy to share stories which have been passed down from generation to generation as they take you on your chosen safari.

What’s there to see?

A trip to Monument Valley is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity for the majority of people. The characteristic red hue that is everywhere you look is a result of many minerals combining to create this unique visual impact. Iron oxide deposits (red iron oxide to be scientifically precise) and culter red siltstone makes up the valley floor. The buttes and other stone structures are composed of weathered sandstone, shale and siltstone. The massive boulders and walls get their bluish hues and gray color from manganese oxide. Ancient rock paintings and rock art can be observed on some of the formations, a gift from the Navajo people who inhabited this vast landscape thousands of years before.

Getting there 

There is a robust and reliable transport system serving Monument Valley and surrounding areas of interest. The famous highway 163 and the classic shot of Monument Pass takes you to the Valley and there is ample parking available just off US 163. A climb up to the visitor centre exposes the vastness and extreme beauty of this age old landscape. Some of the unique attractions of Monument Valley include:

  • Rabbit buttes

  • Douglas Mesa

  • Teardrop Arch 

  • Stagecoach

  • Castle Rock

Authentic Guided Tour Experience

Monument Valley Safari tours are ideal if you want to have an off-the-beaten-track experience. With a choice of vehicle available, from the comfortable enclosed suburban or the open air custom jeep, you can experience Monument Valley your way. Whether you are looking for a whistle stop tour because of time constraints or are looking for a deeper cultural experience, there is a tour just to suit you. Also with a variety of set off points, we have thought of a number of ways you can organize your tour to suit all your other travel plans.

Visit our website today to find out more about the tour options and to choose the ones that’s perfect for you. Explore Monument Valley You