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How To Choose The Best Tour Company In Monument Valley

Most people will plan out their entire trip around the world from in front of their computers, usually weeks, months or even years in advance. A few years back this would have been a task involving making dozens of telephone calls and sending faxes halfway across the world. However, with the advent of the internet and improved communication networks, planning a trip to whatever destination you have in mind can be done with a few clicks of a mouse button. The internet has made the world a much smaller space. This may be so but a big question remains. How do you choose a tour operator for say, Monument Valley, in advance before you even get there? There are two options really; you can avoid making your booking until you are there in person. This has the disadvantage that tours may be fully booked when you arrive which might derail your entire plan. Alternatively, you can follow the advice in this article and make your booking with confidence, well in advance, and know you will have a great time when you finally get to Monument Valley.

The following factors can help you reach the decision on which tour operator to go with:

  • Experience and length of time in the business

  • Reputation

  • Customer Reviews and reputation

  • Communication, website, speed of response to questions

Experience and length of time in the business

A company which has been in business for a long time knows a bit more about delivering quality service than a new entrant. They have used their experience to deliver better customer service and have a reputation to maintain. Checking out the length of time a tour operator has been in business is one aspect you can consider when choosing a tour company to book with.


It is now easier than ever to check on the reputation of a company before giving them your money. Everyone with internet access who has anything to say about a service, product or experience can now easily do so with a few keystrokes. It becomes very important for businesses to jealously guard their reputation. Find the company with the best online and offline reputation before you select a tour company.

Online Reviews

Trip Advisor is one of the leading travel industry related review site. Never book a hotel, flight or adventure tour without checking the company's or hotel's reviews on site. Unless it is a recommendation from a close family member or friend, if a hotel has a low Trip Advisor score or poor reviews, then its best you do not make a booking at that hotel. Having said that the final decision is up to you, online reviews are just a tool to help you reach that decision.

Communication, website & speed of response to questions

The last tool you can use to gauge how a tour company treats its customers is to send them an enquiry email. Ask them a few simple questions like whats the booking process, do you offer refunds if I do not make the trip etc. The speed of response and the quality of the answers you get should give you an idea of the kind of experience you will have with them. I know this does not seem like a lot to go on but it actually works.

This short article should give you all the information you need to choose the Monument Valley tour operator to book your trip with. Taking all the factors highlighted in this article into account should help you make a booking with the confidence that you will have a great experience. Monument Valley Safari ticks all the books and our trip advisor reviews can be found here.

Self-Drive versus Guided Tour. What Do You Think?

Close up of our Tour Vehicle

Monument Valley Safari operates a guided tour through Monument Valley. We believe this is the best way to experience the Valley as you get access to places you normally can’t get to in your own or a rental vehicle. However, we also believe that you are best placed to decide the best option for you, depending on the time you have for the tour( by the way we think a Monument alley tour shouldn’t be a rushed experience, people born and bred here still find something new about the place everyday). This quick article gives the pros and cons of a self-drive Monument Valley tour.

The Pros of a Self-Drive Tour

If you are on a road trip and you have a number of places on your itinerary and running short of time, then the whistle-stop tour of Monument Valley could be the option for you. It has the following advantages:

  • You are in control, you will see as much or as little as your time allowances will permit
  • If a particular monument catches your fancy you can stop your vehicle and linger for as long as you want as there are no other tour companions to consider. We have known of people who came here for just a couple of hours and ended up staying days, it’s that captivating.
  • You get to save about $60 but it’s like going to the theatre and getting the seat behind a pillar, you only get to see a portion of the stage. However, if you are on a tight budget then this could be the choice you have to make.

The Cons of a self-drive tour

The disadvantages of opting for a self-drive rather than a guided tour are as follows:

  • In a bid to keep Monument Valley as natural as possible, access to most of the tribal lands is restricted. This means you will not get to enjoy a whole lot of the cultural, historical & spiritual experience this trip should represent.
  • The roads will not do your vehicle, rental or otherwise any good, especially if you are driving a sedan or a lowered vehicle. You could end up paying more in vehicle repairs than you would have spent on a guided tour. Check out this youtube video we took of a mustang getting stuck in the sand! Monument Valley Tug of War
  • Unless you are a walking history book and you have a photographic memory from your research into Monument Valley, you will probably not remember which monument is which. Having a tour guide to point you in the right direction. Most guides in Monument Valley are Navajo, they have been born and raised around the Valley and can share personal experiences as well as tales and folklore passed through generations, this is something you will not get from a guide book!
  • It’s more fun! Being part of a group makes the whole shared experience more fun and enjoyable. You get to take a lot of photos (and you actually get to appear in them too!)

There you go; the decision is now in your hands. If you are planning a trip to Monument Valley then this should come in handy. Monument Valley Safari offer the best tour experience, with state of the art comfortable vehicles and experienced knowledgeable guides. For more information and to book your tour visit www.monumentvalleysafari.com today.

Where are you from?

Monument Valley Safari has had customers from all over the world! We would like to continue to add pins to our map in our shop! Want to have your own pin!? Comment with were you are from!

8 Tips To Make Your Monument Valley Tour A Success

A visit to Monument Valley is a trip of a lifetime, take as part of a long tour around the world or just on its own. The tips in this article will allow you to make the most of your visit, from selecting the right tour company, if you go for the guided tour option, to helping you chose your wardrobe. We hope you enjoy your time in the Valley and if you decide to take a guided tour, consider Monument Valley Safari as your guides.

  1. Plan well in advance. Although you can rock up to Monument Valley and find a tour company who will take you around the Valley, planning in advance will mean you have the opportunity to check out the tour companies operating in the area and then choosing the best.

  2. Weigh the options of going on a guided tour or self drive. Although Monument Valley is still accessible in your own vehicles, you will be limited to the areas you can get to, however, and that is why thousands of visitors coming to Monument Valley every year opt for a guided tour with one of the tour operators working in the Valley.

  3. Give yourself plenty of time to make the tour. Visiting Monument Valley is something akin to a spiritual journey. There is a lot more to see beyond the usual tours companies offer, making the time to spend a couple of days in and around Monument Valley will ensure you have a fulfilling experience and capture a lot of photos to keep the memories alive too.

  4. Before leaving home make sure you get yourself a digital camera, if you don't have one already then you better get online and buy one, today! Visiting Monument Valley without a camera to immortalize your memories is like going to Walmart without your checking card, you will walk out with nothing! If you already have one then make sure the batteries are fully charged, and you have a spare SD card because you will definitely need it. You won't stop clicking from the moment you set foot into the Valley.

  5. On the day of your tour, remember to keep hydrated. The temperatures in the midst of the rock formations can be quite high and so it is important that you bring with you some water or your favourite fruit juice.

  6. Wear comfortable clothing, again taking into account the weather and climate that is prevalent in Monument Valley. Depending on whether you are taking an open air vehicle tour or a closed vehicle you will need to consider your clothing choices accordingly.

  7. Wear hiking boots or similar footwear to allow you to enjoy your moments outside of the vehicle. As you would expect the terrain is rough and wearing adequate footwear will ensure you enjoy it without having to worry about whether you will sprain an ankle and thus spoil the rest of your experience.

  8. When in doubt, take the photo anyway. There are so many opportunities to take photographs during your Monument Valley Tour. If you are on a guided tour then your guides will stop at every opportunity and allow you to capture your time in the Valley for your future enjoyment.


If you are looking for one of the best experiences of Monument Valley, using the very latest comfortable vehicles and highly experienced guides then we urge you to contact Monument Valley Safari. Begin the experience of your lifetime by booking your tour today by calling 928.209.1364.



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