Regarded as one of the most exciting tours we offer by our past clients, the two hour odyssey to Hunts Mesa is just as exciting as it is nerve wracking for some. Hunts Mesa is one of the hidden jems of Monument Valley. Getting there involves a drive over the sand dunes, riding the washes, and climbing over rocks and near cliffs. The journey is demanding both to your nerves and our vehicle but the saving grace is that it culminates in a breathtaking and 'wow-inspiring' view stretching for miles all round. 

Join us below on our latest adventure to Hunts Mesa and enjoy some of the great scenes we came across along the way. Feel free to share this post with your friends and we look forward to seeing you in Monument Valley.

Local Guides 

These guys grew up here and they will make your journey enjoyable by sharing great stories of the monuments along the way. They understand you want to enjoy the experience in your own unique way and will not intrude into the experience. Feel free to ask as many or as little questions as you want.

Photo of guides and Hunts Mesa

Special Purpose vehicles - Safe, Comfortable, Reliable

Is it any suprise that the Secret Service chooses to drive Chevrolet surbabans? Our special purpose vehicles have been chosen with one thing in mind; to give you a safe and comfortable ride as you experience the beauty of this unique landscape. 

Hunts Mesa, Monument Valley Tour, Jeeping

Sand Dunes & Washes

The journey takes you over the sand dunes and the washes, where our drivers and guides show great skill to navigate a landscape which can easily become treacherous if you get trapped. This is the most demanding part for our vehicles, we tell our customers to "expect the un-expected", because there could be many unforseeen troubles out on the trail.


Vehicles on the Hunts Trail

Slow and steady ascent to the summit

The journey to the top is slow as we leave the dunes and drive over the tops of the mesa and rocks. We commonly stop to appreciate the magnificent views and allow the vehicles cool down to avoid overheating from the dunes.

Close up of our Tour Vehicle

Ride in style and comfort

We switched over from the Jeeps because the suburban has superior handling and enhanced comfort due to a state-of-the-art suspension. Scared of heights? When this trail was built it wasn't catering to people with acrophobia. It was made to get uranium from the Mesa in the quickest route possilbe.

Picturesque car shot

 Idyllic Portrait Location

Hunts Mesa, the perfect background for personal portraits. Make sure you bring your camera with you because there is no better background for portrait photos than Hunts Mesa.

View for the top

You get bird's eyeview (sort of) from Hunts Mesa and you will see for miles all round when you make it to the top.

Hunts Mesa Sunset

We hope this quick run through of what you can expect on the Hunts Mesa tour with Monument Safari Tours has got you all excited. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us here to know more about the tour and to make a reservation. Feel free to share the beauty of the Valley with family and friends like hundreds of our former customers have done.