If there ever is one destination in the world which you do not need convincing to visit, it must be Monument Valley. Thousands of tourists make their way to Monument Valley every year, coming from as far afield as Europe, India and China. Monument Valley offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the vast landscape in the company of Navajo guides, if you opt for a guided tour. If however, if you are not really sure if this would be the trip for you, we hope by the end of this article you will be booking your guided tour with Monument Valley Safari.

10. The Mittens in Winter – every season introduces another dimension to the beauty of Monument Valley. It’s never a bad time to visit because there always is something spectacular to witness.


9. Just one of the many faces of the Valley, bathed in glorious sunshine the landscape shimmers with the glow of the heavens.


8. Reflections, even though the temperatures soar in this hot and dry climate, there is always water to cool things down.


7. Experience the spectacular that is a clear night in Monument Valley and witness scenes like these on a night tour by Monument Valley Safari


6. Tell me that does not remind you of a doughnut. With scenes like this just waiting to be captured, humor the photographer in you and capture the memories of the trip of a lifetime



5. Listen to the Navajo folklores and the stories behind the “Teardrop” formation from expert Navajo guides.


4. No matter how many times you see this scene, you just can’t help but fall in love with it. The image of Monument Pass draws you in and invites you into the Valley. Heed the call and make your booking today, we’d love to have you.


3. There is nothing like a sunrise in the valley. Enjoy the break of a new dawn and celebrate every single dream and hope you have for the future as the beauty of this natural landscape unfolds before your very eyes.



2. As one day draws to a close, look to the future with hope and optimism, follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you and look forward to the coming of a better day.



1.  Lest we forget there is a human story to the wonders of Monument Valley. The home of the Navajo people for many generations, it is the beauty of the cultural history and beauty which draws thousands of visitors every year.